Konzert / Pop & Electronic Beast Records Label Night

With CHAiLD & TwinXXA + guest: Them Lights
Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: CHAiLD / photo 2: TwinXXA / photo 3: Them Lights
Congés Annulés 

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Catchy hooks and earworm melodies: that’s how electro-pop artist CHAiLD has managed to establish himself as one of the most promising young artists of the country. His unique, soothing, yet intense voice grabs the listener by the guts, only to let them go with a rush of exhilaration and a tear in their eye. His melancholic universe combines the Italian and Portuguese musical influences he grew up with alongside his own take on modern electro-pop.

CHAiLD — Italo Daddy (Official Music Video)

Influenced by the early work of Michael Jackson, the sound of artists like Radiohead, SOHN and Jai Paul, and the productions of Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, Them Lights covers a wide range of genres from pulsating electronica to energetic pop and soulful R’n’B. Them Lights’ live shows are captivating experiences complete with heavy beats, looped vocals, and custom-made light shows.

Them Lights — Estanque (Live @ Kulturfabrik)

Luxembourgish record producer Gildo Tavares, better known as Twin XXA, has a signature style involving field recording, sound design and industrial elements. What started out as an idea back in November 2017 took roots after a gig in Japan and a tour in China under his previous stage name, AAMAR. After attending many art installations and meeting various artists from different backgrounds, he felt he had found his place in the music industry and started his journey as Twin XXA.

Twin XXA — Tears (Official Music Video)