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© photo 1: CLAMM © Gen Kay / photo 2: The Kools © Alfonso Salgueiro Lora

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The Chats, Amyl & the Sniffers, plastic cups full of beer flying across the Klub (please don’t)

Melbourne punk power trio CLAMM explore the confusion of what it is to be a young person trying to live an honourable life in this fucked up world. Their songs are about trying to navigate systems of power and oppression while retaining a healthy sense of self and mental health. Community, creativity, and catharsis are what they hope to achieve through their music.

« CLAMM may not be the first group to venture out into the fuzzy Australian wilderness, but…they might just be the best. »
— DIY Mag
CLAMM — Bit Much (official music video)

Alternative rock duo The Kools started out as an independent act recording music in basements and self-producing their songs. Connected to the revival of garage rock, the raw and minimalist sound of the band is characterized by fuzzy riffs wrapped in atmospheric indie rock drumbeats that enhance the raw simplicity of their arrangements.