Konzert / Audiovisuel Frieder Nagel & Maotik

The Arrival − live A/V
© photo 1: Theresa Vilsmeier / photo 2: Moritz Huettner / photo 3: Maotik

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Last autumn, when concerts and live music were not possible, Nagel looked for alternative ways to present his music. He created an audiovisual installation at the top of a magnificient old tree which seemed to spring to life when park goers passed by at night. The tree, covered in a myriad of colours, gave the impression that it could lift off and leave this earth at any second. The accompanying musical composition combined abstract ambient noise and distant, melancholic melodies. This unique experience laid the foundations for his new EP The Arrival. Frieder Nagel will present this new release for the first time at the Multiplica festival in Luxembourg, accompanied by acclaimed French digital artist Maotik.

Frieder Nagel — The Arrival (Full EP)
Frieder Nagel

German composer Frieder Nagel’s groundwork lies in improvisation, escapism and the endless overdubbing and resampling of analogue sounds. His goal: to lure the listeners into a mystical world, full of warm synths and detailed sound clusters. Although he’s only released two EPs, this self-taught musician has already collaborated with David August and Daniel Brandt, appeared on Boiler Room and played at the Reeperbahn Festival.


Maotik’s astonishing work has recently been featured in festivals and galleries around the world (Mutek Festival in Montreal, British Film Institute in London, ARS Electronica in Linz, among others). Always on the lookout for new challenges, Maotik (whose real name is Mathieu Le Sourd) designs his own audiovisual tools, generating visuals with algorithms and creating 3D worlds to transform the usual perceptions of space. His constant questioning of the relationship between art, science and technology has brought Maotik to Berlin where he takes part in an art residency organised by Sonar+D and Factory Berlin. He works as a professor at the CODE university, giving lectures about interactive design, generative design and AR/VR environments.