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Moritz Fasbender has always been attracted to the obscure: sombre places, dark music and film noir. Her music bends the rules of contemporary classical music or neo-classical. 

Fasbender studied electroacoustic composition as well as the piano and mainly works for theatres and radio stations. These environments are essential components of her sound language. They have a significant influence on the way she architects her music in which voices, gardens, animals or tennis rackets play just as big a role as the piano or her armada of synths. 

With her latest release, 13 Rabbits, Moritz Fasbender continues her search for an expression that marries the piano and electroacoustics, a new language.

For fans of:

Poppy Ackroyd, Nils Frahm

Moritz Fasbender (DE) — Live at ESNS 2022