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Film & Begegnung Olivia

Queer loox: The queer-feminist film series in Luxembourg

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End of the 19th century, in a boarding house for young girls near Fontainebleau. Miss Julie and Miss Cara are the directors of the establishment. For some time, harmony no longer reigns and the pension is divided between two clans. A newcomer, Olivia, joins Mademoiselle Julie, object of all desires, and dedicates her love and admiration.

queer loox

queer loox is a queer-feminist film and event series in Luxembourg. Queer in a broad sense signifies a crossing of traditional identity categories and implies a critical engagement with the division between the normal’ and the social illegitimate’. The events present a wide range of feature films, documentaries, video art, ethnographic films, etc. with the intention of becoming a queer-feminist platform where people meet, talk, and sometimes even dance.

Next dates

Tue 07.03.23 >19:00
Ouvrir la voix
(2017, dir. Amandine Gay)

Tue 23.05.23 >19:00
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
(1985, dir. Jack Sholder)