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Thomas Kuratli, ak.a. Pyrit, is a Paris-based Swiss musician and composer. Highly influenced by experimental electronic music, kraut and ambient, he creates a dark, sensual and sprawling mix between film score and contemporary Populärmusik. 

Desires, doubts and anxieties mix to give shape to Thomas’ mental world and transform into a deeply personal and innovative soundscape. He combines digital and analogue aesthetics with objects and instruments from ordinary reality and what can be derived from them by technical means. 

Besides his solo albums Control (2018) and UFO (2015), Thomas has also composed the soundtrack for several feature and short films (Blue My Mind, Where We Belong, The Dawn, Killing Eve 2), as well as for art exhibitions (The Blow Up Regime) or in the case of Wellbeing – Mental Noise, for theatre.

PYRIT — Another Story (Official Music Video)
« The Pyritic” centrifugal force throws us into the weightlessness and let us merge with the universe, blown away, propelled, pounding mechanically – We will probably never recover from this moment. »
— Saiten Magazin (July 7, 2015)