Konzert / Post-punk Wombo

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Fairy Rust, the latest album from Wombo released in July 2022, contemplates the spaces in-between, a meeting of the physicality of the land with the fluidity of the imagination, to uncanny effect. Across twelve tracks, sharpened guitar work, distorted freakouts and downtempo musings see the trio (Sydney Chadwick, Cameron Lowe, Joel Taylor) make a sonic leap forward into new and transformative places. 

The record is steeped in its own time warp of escapism, and influenced by fairytales like the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson that blend surreal situations with the mundane. In the weird world of Wombo, regular demons are just a part of everyday life, with shadowy natures that are always half in and half out of step with morality and the setting of rules. The record upholds the certain romance that comes with knowing that no matter what, life is out of our immediate control, and the planet will persevere, with or without us. The unknown is key to the ongoing journey of self-discovery.

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