Darstellende Künste A propos Liewen in residency at Rotondes

For a week, the Luxemburgisch theatre company Kopla Bunz is at Rotondes to rehearse its new show.
© Nathan Roux

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New residency! This week, we’re excited to host the Luxemburgisch theatre company Kopla Bunz as they prepare their latest show, À propos Liewen, co-produced by Rotondes. Throughout the week, the theatre group will be with us, dedicating their time to rehearse and fine-tune the details of their performance in the Black Box, leading up to the premiere at Rotondes on 19.01.24.

This week promises to be filled with exchanges, exploration, and rehearsals. The artists will receive active support from the Rotondes team, with Noah Fohl handling lighting design and Mélina Huettner overseeing the general management of the company. Both will be closely involved in monitoring the show’s progress.

At the end of the residency, À propos Liewen promises to offer spectators a unique experience, exploring the different aspects of life through music and the manipulation of objects. Audiences will be immersed in a whirlwind of sounds, syllables and words as diverse as life itself!