Concert / Noise rock & Post-punk Bambara

© photo 1: Kevin W. Condon

Désolé, ce texte n’existe pas en français.

Brooklyn-based post-punk trio Bambara have been evolving their midnight-black noise into something more subtle and expansive ever since the release of their 2013 debut Dreamviolence. That process greatly accelerated on 2018’s Shadow On Everything, a huge stride forward for the band both lyrically and sonically.

But on Bambara’s latest album, Stray, one thing you won’t be able to avoid is death. It’s everywhere and inescapable, but it isn’t even be the first thing that strikes you. It’s its pulverizing soundscape; by turns, vast, atmospheric, cool, broiling and at times simply overwhelming.

Bambara — Serafina (Live on KEXP)