Concert / Psychedelic & New wave Clementine Valentine (Purple Pilgrims) + Kinlaw

© photo 1: Clementine Valentine / photo 2: Kinlaw © Cameron Tidball

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Psychic sisterhood and wistful wanderlust are the twin energies feeding the dream-pop duo Clementine Valentine (formerly known as Purple Pilgrims), i.e. multi-instrumentalist, home producers Valentine and Clementine Nixon. Raised itinerantly in Hong Kong and in New Zealand, the sisters adapted by devising their own telepathic inner worlds. 

The duo craft otherworldly electronic sounds cloaked in magic, mystery, and romance,” notes Bandcamp Daily. But while [their album Perfumed Earth]’s nine tracks evoke the dreamiest of dreampop, there’s darkness buried just beneath.”

PURPLE PILGRIMS — Sensing Me (Official Video)

The other half of this double bill is composer/​choreographer Sarah Kinlaw. Known for solo works and productions with as many as two-hundred performers, she is exploring new territory with her latest piece of work, which has taken the form of an album. Titles The Tipping Scale, the record is a gorgeously sung cycle of songs that mix deeply personal lyrics with universal themes, ornate pop flourishes and dancefloor ruminations. 

Kinlaw — Blindspot (Official Music Video)