Concert / Alternative & Hip hop Culture the Kid — EP Release

With Culture the Kid & band + luk. + F4st x Fur1ou5 b2b Jacques Jaguar (DJ set) + Daxini b2b Waters (DJ set)
© Culture the Kid

This concert is postponed to November 25 2023.

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Are you not entertained?

This is the question Culture the Kid poses with his EP. Continuing on the path of the interior voyage started with the EP titled Dr Doubt & Mister Ego produced in collaboration with Arthur Clees, Culture the Kid puts himself at the center of AYNE? indulging in flamboyant ego trips and deep introspection.

Produced in collaboration with 2ni, Maddy, Emerine Samuel, John Ragga and Arthur Clees, this project is nothing short of a sonic cluster of genres and sounds ranging from classic old-school hip hop to drill, Brazilian funk and afroswing. All these elements combined make for a project that is sure to leave no one indifferent.