Concert / Electronic Format:

Upsammy + Mr Bios + Max Do
Congés Annulés 
© Photo 1: Upsammy / Photo 2 © Mr Bios / Photo 3 © Max Do
Congés Annulés 

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Format is a new series of occurrences dedicated to electronic music. A collaboration involving diverse and various actors of the flourishing electronic scene and Rotondes. The first format will happen on the evening of the 9.08 with Upsammy, Mr. Bios, Max Do, K‑Li and on a daytime event from 14h00 to 22h00 with His Fable, Islas, A.Certo, E‑lodie.


As electricity blossoms and leafs glisten, upsammy creates interpretative space, cleverly paradoxical in its concurrent comfort and desolation.With a keen ear for crystalline melody and intricate rhythm, her music sculpts a certain perpetuity and spatiality, sliding across tempo scales, while retaining an organic touch as a gentle hum of nature digitized. Often working together with visual artist Sjoerd Martens during their live show, the two create kaleidoscopic terrains built from micro textures and field recordings, fluidly mixing between inner and outer environments.Guided by an adventurous and narrative approach, this vividness is present in her DJ sets as well. The music she plays takes cues from trippy electronics, the more experimental side of DnB and oddball techno, but tries to avoid clear genres. As a DJ she consolidated a firm position in the contemporary left-field music world, which includes a residency at NTS Radio and Amsterdam club Garage Noord and invitations to festivals such as Unsound and Rewire.

upsammy | Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2022


Mr Bios is the solo project of Christophe Biache, an active member of label Chez Kito Kat and former musician part of duo Binary & Dyslexic, Komparce and Beat for Sale. At the boundaries of ambient and minimalistic electro, Mr Bios imagines a rich and subtle music, combining synthetic strings, analogue bass and percussive groove. 

mr bios — live session#2


Openness and wide array are keywords in Max’s human nature but also in his musical understanding. Thanks to his family, his first incluences can be traced back to jazz, blues, new wave, and dub. Ever since, he has been sensitive to multiple music genres, depending on the cycle of life he’s been traveling through. When it comes to electronic music, he chooses lighthearted but thorough bass lines, mellow and warm breaks, dancing the tango with dreamy synth lines.

Planet Show w/​ Max Do @ Kiosk Radio 21.12.2022 by