Conférence & Rencontre / Photographie Jane Evelyn Atwood

Luxembourg Street Photography Festival
© Jane Evelyn Atwood

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The Luxembourg Street Photography Festival is hosting a series of conferences, including one with Jane Evelyn Atwood. Fascinated by people and by the idea of exclusion, the American photographer, based in France since the early 1970s, has managed to penetrate worlds that most of us do not know, or choose to ignore. In 1976, Atwood bought her first camera and began taking pictures of a group of street prostitutes in Paris. In the ensuing years, Atwood has pursued a number of carefully chosen projects, limiting her stories to those which truly compel her, devoting to each subject the time necessary (in some cases, years) to explore it in depth.

Atwood describes her method of work as obsessive”. She does not move on to a new subject until she feels she has completely understood the one at hand and her own relation to it, and until she believes that her pictures reflect this understanding.