Concert / Rock & Punk Petrograd + Versus You

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Local heroes Petrograd and Versus You are teaming up on this double bill for a wild night of punk rock at Rotondes.

In October 1996, Petrograd grew out of the punk rocking cradle of DIY hardcore acts Subway Arts and No More. Petrograd are Luxembourg-based and far from the monarch’s favourite band. Their music combines a melodic, sometimes melancholic sound with high-energy delivery. Their lyrics blur the line between personal and political. Following three full-length albums, a plethora of split EPs and over 350 live shows all over Europe, Petrograd performed only sporadically from 2002 onwards until a seemingly final breakup in 2009. They reunited in 2022 and they are there to stay.

PETROGRAD ‑Next Exit Wonderland-

Since 2005 Versus You have released some records, seen a few drummers come and go, played a hell of a lot of shows and toured Eastern Europe, Russia and the UK twice. A few things they’ve confessed to: They’re always broke because they put everything they got into this band. The name means absolutely nothing. They try to be honest and true to themselves and everyone else. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail miserably.

VERSUS YOU — Your Only Song (Official Video)