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Unearthing a box of 1975 cassette tapes of his father’s old band, Mad Anthony, the recordings became the imprint for a familiar feeling Ben Schwab would end up chasing. The songs were timeless, effortless, and soulful. Awakening senses to the eternal quality of hidden or lost music, Ben’s project, Sylvie, fully encompasses that very same musical lineage and spirit living in those lost yet beloved time capsules. 

True to Mad Anthony’s form and blissfully reminiscent of Laurel Canyon’s rootsy collaborative scene, Sylvie’s rolling folk-rock runs a strict go-with-the-flow policy. I aspire to write timeless songs I could relate to 40 years from now,” he says. Putting my own life experiences, friends and family into them, making Sylvie has been a spiritual pursuit.”

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Sylvie — Up On the Wind

Being from the Midwest means a certain tone is woven into ones’ fabric,” explains Kevin Morby. And every now and then, someone comes along who has the power to convey that feeling in their cadence alone. And so all hail Anna St Louis,” he goes on, who lets us into her world of heartache, wonder and a never-ending, never-beginning dance with time.” On her second full length album, In The Air, St. Louis is more self-assured, open-hearted and ready to say what she wants. The record has the sound of a joyous consideration of the present moment; a quiet morning revealing a new snowfall outside, steam coming from the kettle, just before it whistles, St. Louis with her guitar, staring out the window.

Anna St. Louis — Phone (Official Music Video)