Concert / Instrumental, Downtempo & Cinematic groove Tommy Guerrero

Support: El Diablitos

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Tommy Guerrero may be better known in the world of skateboarding than music. Born in San Francisco, Guerrero joined the skate company Powell Peralta in 1984 and became one of the original members of the legendary Bones Brigade” team. TG has been playing music since the late 70’s with his brother Tony ‑both raised on a steady diet of DIY punk music/​ethos and skateboarding- which informed and shaped the person he is today. Since then, Guerrero has become an accomplished bassist and guitarist with influences as diverse as John Coltrane, Bad Brains, Joy Division Gabor Szabo and on and on…

For fans of:

The Budos Band, El Michels Affair, Khruangbin

TOMMY GUERRERO — Thank you MK @ 朝霧JAM’23


EL DIABLITOS is a music collective that is written, managed and engineered by Tony ARG’ Guerrero hosting a revolving door of various musicians.
It incorporates big-clean stereo guitars, soul piercing voicings, swirling, twangy, reverbery, spooky, upbeat noir-like, surfy, Spanishy-western, and spy themed tunes.

Tony Guerrero & EL DIABLITOS | ODDBALL (Official