Concert / Indie & Rock Two Steps Twice presents: TUYS + Reveal Party

Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: TUYS © Shade Cumini / photo 2: Reveal Party
Congés Annulés 

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Founded in Luxembourg and now Berlin-based, TUYS is a four-piece that create driving indie rock and emotive psych-pop music with chiming guitars, synths, and wide-ranging vocals in three-part harmony. The band focus heavily on visual art and move between fiction and reality with a satirical edge. Following A Curtain Call For Dreamers, their 2020 audiovisual project / creative manifest, TUYS proudly released Reality Management Ltd. last April, a record that aims to discuss alternative truths in times of echo chambers and polarization.

TUYS — Muddy Beach (Official Video)

Emily Holm Nyhuus, the woman behind the tongue-in-cheek name Reveal Party, writes songs about love and her life as a transwoman, about existing in a chaos of complicated emotions, and how one might have to cut them off completely when they become too hard to handle. The common threads throughout are her use of dark sarcasm, the gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics, Emily’s trembling yet determined voice and the ubiquitous distorted guitars.

Reveal Party — I’m A Girl (Official Music Video)