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Film & Begegnung Certain Women

Queer loox: The queer-feminist film series in Luxembourg

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The expanses of the American West take center stage in this intimately observed triptych from Kelly Reichardt. Adapted from three short stories by Maile Meloy and unfolding in self-contained but interlocking episodes, Certain Women navigates the subtle shifts in personal desire and social expectation that unsettle the circumscribed lives of its characters: a lawyer forced to subdue a troubled client; a wife and mother whose plans to construct her dream home reveal fissures in her marriage; and a night-school teacher who forms a tenuous bond with a lonely ranch hand, whose longing for connection delivers an unexpected jolt of emotional immediacy.

With unassuming craft, Reichardt captures the rhythms of daily life in small-town Montana through these fine-grained portraits of women trapped within the landscape’s wide-open spaces.

queer loox

queer loox is a queer-feminist film and event series in Luxembourg. Queer in a broad sense signifies a crossing of traditional identity categories and implies a critical engagement with the division between the normal’ and the social illegitimate’. The events present a wide range of feature films, documentaries, video art, ethnographic films, etc. with the intention of becoming a queer-feminist platform where people meet, talk, and sometimes even dance.

Next dates

Tue 10.01.23 >19:00
(1951, dir. Jacqueline Audry)

Tue 07.03.23 >19:00
Ouvrir la voix
(2017, dir. Amandine Gay)

Tue 23.05.23 >19:00
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
(1985, dir. Jack Sholder)