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Max Cooper, Hainbach, Rival Consoles

Colin Benders is a high-wired artistic spirit, a mind drilled to compose as swiftly as he creates. Over the past seven years, Benders honed an instrument that can fully harness this unique gift for conducting an abundance of sonic elements: the modular synth. 

Even before touching his first modular synth module, Benders managed to push the possibilities of live music to its utmost limits with his Kyteman Orchestra. But nosediving into the world of modular synths gave Benders free rein to access and summon feelings directly into sound, down to the absolute details. Writing and performing premeditated compositions has become a thing of the past: From polyphonic, harmony-based pieces to resounding techno sprawls, Benders lives to make music for the here and now.

Mysteryland 2020 | Colin Benders Live Modular

The night will open with Mr Bios, the solo project of Christophe Biache, an active member of label Chez Kito Kat (formerly part of Binary & Dyslexic, Komparce and Beat for Sale). At the crossroads of ambient and minimalistic electro, Mr Bios imagines rich and subtle music, combining synthetic strings, analogue bass and percussive groove.