Konzert Congés Annulés & Voie 15 Closing Night

With First Mote + Dirk Kesseler + Sensu
Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: First Mote / photo 2: Sensu
Congés Annulés 

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Make one last stop at Rotondes and wave goodbye to the Congés Annulés festival and the Voie 15 installation!

As the sun sets on the fake railway platform, we’ll throw a casual farewell party to these two icons of the summer, with a performance by First Mote. After pre-pubescent jam sessions in a garage, digging into the heavy riffs and rhythms of Soul Sacrifice, TNT and Little Wing, Jamie Reinert and Christophe Demart have finally gotten round to getting some stuff on tape. It’s taken around 20 years, but their instrumental communion is as rough as ever. Electric baritone guitar and drums are at the centre of things since neither of them have the courage to sing. 

To the rhythm of First Mote’s music, the Voie 15 installation will be adorned with illustrations by Luxembourg-born, Berlin-based illustrator, animator and graphic designer Dirk Kesseler. Created live on-site and projected onto the platform, his drawings will give a glimpse of what is going on aboard a train passing through our courtyard.

We can also count on Belgian DJ and producer Sensu (Youth, Meakusma, Meandyou) to make this night one to remember. Sensu has carved out a path for himself touches upon club and experimental music alike. A Sensu set showcases his own eclectic musical stance, unafraid to include challenging pieces not often heard in public. A sense of minimalism runs through his musical choices, yet a deep love for all things artistically paradoxical equally defines his sets.