Konzert / Piano, Electronica & Audiovisuel Fabrizio Rat − Live A/V with Kaspar Ravel

Shades of Blue
© photo 1: Paul Oginad

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With Shades of Blue, Fabrizio Rat leaves the techno and rigorous rhythms of his first albums behind, in order to experiment with repetition and phase cycles from a new melodic angle” (Friction Magazine) with a so-called prepared” piano that produces altered sounds. The result is even more striking live, especially when enhanced by the creations of Kaspar Ravel, master of glitch art.

Fabrizio Rat — Shades of Blue A/V Live  — video by
Fabrizio Rat

Fabrizio Rat is a classically trained pianist, improviser and composer of contemporary music. But after years of practise, boredom was lurking from behind an instrument he knew too well. To fight it off, teenage Fabrizio started producing electronic music, spending hours on end on computers, synthesisers and drum machines.

Today, his project is simple: Take a piano − the classic and romantic instrument par excellence − and send it into the hypnotic and powerful soundscape of techno music. I don’t want the instrument to be recognisable. At the end of the day, I feel much more connected to artists from the techno scene.”

Kaspar Ravel

Kaspar Ravel is new media artist and off/​online curator rooted in the subcultures of internet art. As a DIY hacker, he reverse-engineers technological standards to better understand and change them.

Through his work with analogies between physical and digital bodies, he develops popular discourses in order to demystify technology, to question the concepts of interface and to expose the coexisting virtual realities in which we were born.