Ausstellungen / Fotografie Outdoor Exhibition Nothing personal” by Nikita Teryoshin

Light Leaks Festival 2024
© Nikita Teryoshin

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Following the huge success of last year first edition, the Light Leaks Festival outdoor exhibition will be presented in the courtyard of the Rotondes cultural center. This open-air exhibition showcases street and documentary photos on a large scale, providing a unique and immersive experience for festival attendees. This year the outdoor exhibition will exclusively showcase the captivating work of photographer Nikita Teryoshin, from his collection Nothing Personal — the back office of war’, offering attendees a unique perspective on contemporary themes.

Every day on the news we are shown images of war and destruction. This coincides with global expenditure on arms increasing year after year. However, we are rarely afforded a glimpse behind the curtains of the global arms business. Photographer Nikita Teryoshin travelled to 16 arms fairs between 2016 and 2023 to investigate what happens before wars take place. His aim was to take photographs at exclusive so-called defense expositions— which are closed to the public — on every continent to highlight the global nature of the industry.”