Radio Rotondes #12 Ten lessons to develop your creativity

A show created in collaboration with Radio ARA

In the last episode of this season of Radio Rotondes, we conclude our exploration into the creative world with 10 lessons. These tips summarize what we have learned throughout the season about cultivating creativity. Hopefully they will help you develop your own creativity. Even though we’ve spent an entire season talking about creativity, it still remains a mystery. So unfortunately, following these 10 lessons won’t magically turn you into a creative person. Yet, they will help you move into the right direction to harness this quality within yourself.

You’ll see that very often these creative lessons are basically life lessons because, as we have said time and time again, being creative is part of being human. So every time we’ve talked about being creative, we’ve ended up talking about life.

During this episode you’ll hear some familiar voices, as we illustrate our 10 lessons with some quotes from previous episodes. And you’ll meet someone new, another creative human: Luxembourgish multidisciplinary artist Diane Jodes.