Visual arts

Each exhibition, each creative event is an opportunity to see the venue from a new point of view: that of the artists who have made it their own.
© photo 1: Bohumil Kostohryz / photo 2: Lynn Theisen / photo 3: Mike Zenari

Rotondes has some unusual exhibition spaces. How could you not notice the glass cube at the entrance of Rotonde 2 or the giant screen above the bar in the Buvette? How could you not be wowed by the Galerie’s beautiful luminosity? The intended effect is as much to surprise visitors as to offer emerging artists new grounds for experimentation.

Exhibitions in 20/21

Throughout the season, artists with very different practices will come to share their work with a large audience.

Loop, Cube, Spot

The names loop, spot and cube refer to three atypical exhibition spaces. By their location, size and configuration, these places deliberately break with traditions.