Concert CinEast Closing Event with Äl Jawala

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Magical crossover of oriental brass and hypnotic grooves of Äl Jawala & more to close the festival in style!

The evening kicks off with a selection of short movies to prepare the floor for the stars of the night – the Balkan Big Beats band Äl Jawala from Freiburg. A DJ party after the live show will further intensify your journey through countless musical styles and the whole event will be accompanied by a selection of traditional dishes from the Ukrainian kitchen. 

The Äl Jawala (meaning The Travelers” in Arabic) band founded in 2000 was among the first to combine club beats and hip hop with wild, oriental brass. They started touring Europe as street musicians and today – 23 years later – they have over 1000 concerts behind them, including in faraway lands like India, Canada, China or Jordan, and 10 albums. The band sets off fireworks on stage with their unstoppable energy and unique blends of genres, while spreading a lot of positivity. Saxophones, drums, percussions as well as didgeridoo are the cornerstones of the Äl Jawala sound, spiced up with vocals and synths. A truly cosmopolitan sound oscillating between hot Balkan Brass, exotic Arabic elements and relaxed Afrobeats. Sometimes urban and club-oriented, sometimes mysterious, dark and deep, the band serves up a unique mixture of party and concert experience. 

The CinEast Closing event is organised in support of our charity project CinEast4Ukraine – 3 EUR from each ticket sold and additional donations collected during the evening will go to the charity. 

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Programme of the evening:

19.00 Doors & food
20.00 Short films
21.00 Äl Jawala live
22.30 DJ party