Concert / Indie, Pop & Alternative ENGLBRT X Compact Disk Dummies

© Photo 1: Eric Engel / Photo 2 © Athos Burez

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The Luxembourgish musical duo ENGLBRT is pleased to announce a special concert featuring the renowned Belgian band Compact Disk Dummies. This concert marks a special reunion, as ENGLBRT previously supported Compact Disk Dummies during their sold-out shows at De Roma in Antwerp. During their shows at De Roma, ENGLBRT and Compact Disk Dummies forged a musical as well as a personal bond, a connection that continues as they team up to present their new live sets to the Luxembourgish audience. The concert also marks the return of Belgian band Compact Disk Dummies’ after their performance at the Koll An Aktioun Festival in 2018.


ENGLBRT is the collaborative duo of Georges Goerens and Niels Engel. The astonishing partnership sounds effortless thanks to the chemistry between two of Luxembourg’s most prolific and respected musicians. 

They draw on a long legacy of omnivorous instrumental and genre-bending music, with a sound that is slow and widescreen, incorporating elements of electronica, contemporary jazz and well-crafted indie-pop.

Taking cues from the endless scroll of everyday life, ENGLBRT delivers a dazzling soundtrack to our accelerated culture, shaping new sonic possibilities in the process.

ENGLBRT — Harm (Official Music Video)


Compact Disk Dummies had been intent on getting their audience onto the dance floor from their very beginning, and that is still an unwavering mantra with their new album The Signal.

The advance singles There’s No Sex Without You” and fomo” already suggested the best, and caught the eye of both radio and the public, who cheered the band en masse on the festival grounds at Werchter and Pukkelpop in the summer of 2023. 

In February 2023, they threw an exciting party at Vooruit, released a documentary on VRTMAX, and later that year, they had a sold-out concert in the main hall of Ancienne Belgique. But looking backwards is not something the Dummies like to do for long. As one of Belgium’s most compelling live bands, they are ready to perform at two sold-out shows at De Roma in Antwerp in 2024, a series of gigs in Dutch clubs, and to enrich your festival summer with their brand new album. The signal cannot be ignored: time to smash it!

The Signal’ Rooftop Live session