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After taking multiple COVID tests, FAUX REAL members are all negative, which mean the band will come and play as planned, on Wednesday. Previously purchased tickets remain valid and ticket sales are open again.

In the spring of 2018, Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt (of Vanishing Twin and Natas Loves You, respectively) invoked the union of their inner gene genies and gave birth to Faux Real. As they conceived it, Faux Realism combines elements of post-punk, glam rock, and contemporary R&B with a unique sense of humour, boy band tropes, and a forward-thinking approach to modern pop culture.

Far before releasing any music, Faux Real began performing live, wooing half-confused, half-amused crowds one unconventional venue at a time. Building on a lifetime of inside jokes and shared MP3 libraries, the Arndt brothers created a signature show that simultaneously fetishises, destroys, and re-invents their kinship through compelling choreography, playfully exploring the boundaries of duality, ridicule, and sexuality. Get ready to get freaky!

« Watching Faux Real perform is a deeply cathartic experience, one that fuses the sound and aesthetic of disco with the chaos of a punk show. »
— i‑D Vice, May 1, 2020
Faux Real — Spooky Bois (Official Video)