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Founded in 2020, an Electronic House and Dark Pop Trio merges pulsating beats with atmospheric soundscapes.

Foreigners create an emotionally intense pop sound while incorporating moody and introspective elements to immerse audiences in a captivating sonic journey. Their latest Release Dêda” has introduced their freshly shaped sound and direction. Ema Macara (Portugal), with a voice that effortlessly balances haunting vulnerability, takes center stage as the enigmatic lead vocalist. Laden with melancholic emotion, brings an evocative depth to Foreigners’ sound. Yliana Paolini (Venezuela), Music Producer and Guitarist is the sonic architect behind Foreigners’ distinctive sound. Infusing electronic beats with haunting synth melodies and live guitars that add a layer of complexity, within the confines of each pulsating beat. Grounding the band with a rhythmic foundation, Kevin Hinna (Luxembourg) is the drummer behind Foreigners Live Performances. His hybrid beats and dynamic drum patterns inject an infectious energy, transforming each performance into an immersive and dance-inducing experience.

Together, they create a synergy, that goes beyond conventional electronic music. Foreigners’ sonic fusion of Electronic House and Dark Pop invites listeners to explore the territories where Beautiful Melancholy meets the dancefloor.

Foreigners — Silhouettes (Live at Unison Studios)


Ryvage (French pronunciation: (/​riːˈvɑːʒ) meaning shore”) is an electronic musician from Luxembourg who blends synthwave and ambient techno in a hypnotic, multi-faceted live performance.

His latest tracks from the Les Nuits I” EP, released in July 2023, have been remixed by artists such as Djedjotronic (Italo Moderni, Boysnoize Records), Madben and Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie) and played on European radio stations such as BBC Radio 6 Music and 808 Radio.

On the live side, Ryvage has supported artists such as Rone (FR), Arnaud Rebotini (FR), Vitalic (FR), Throwing Snow (UK) and Blanck Mass (UK), and performed at festivals like Les Aralunaires (BE), Murex (FR) and Siren’s Call (LU).

His narrative and conceptual approach to music has also led him to conceive and produce music for sound installations & soundwalks (Nightsongs — 2022) as well as for radio and theatre pieces.

Ryvage — Tulipe (official video)


Timelord is a Luxembourg based artist that interlaces progressive house, techno, and soundscapes into his own hypnotic sonic identity and electronic live experience.