Concert / Progressive jazz Nu:notes festival warm up

ZEP! & Bobby Bieles Live Band
© Photo 1: ZEP! / Photo 2 & 3 © Bobby Bieles Live Band

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nu:notes is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of jazz music, exploring innovative styles and unique expressions that captivate the soul and challenge the senses. The mission is clear: to bring this exciting style of nu jazz and everything beyond to the vibrant cultural scene of Luxembourg.


Standing at an impressive 2.04 meters tall, ZEP! is an artist who leaves an indelible impression. His musical ability, showcased in his versatile style as a multi-instrumentalist and showman, is even more remarkable.

Starting out as a drummer and DJ, Zep now plays a plethora of instruments including (bass) guitar, keys, and drums, adding non-conventional items like basketballs, garden hoses, and zippers to his performance for a phenomenal show.

Mostly a solo performer, his shows often feature guest appearances, crowd participation, and full-out mosh pits. With a background as a Conservatory alumnus and strong connections to the skate/break/hip-hop/electronic scenes, Zep has fine-tuned the art of delivering a rager of a show. His high-energy, eclectic live performances draw a unique crowd of club kids’ who come together in a perfect storm of enjoyment and shared experience where everyone is welcomed.

ZEP live at Into The Woods 2023 (ft. Pink Oculus)


Join the Bobby Bieles Live Band for a captivating musical odyssey, replaying the greatest Hip-Hop hits of the last three decades. Masterfully orchestrated by Bobby Bieles on the turntables, and enriched by John Ragga” Wolter on drums and Mateus Maddy” Wojda on bass, this group offers an electrifying musical experience. Expect an intoxicating blend of Rap, Funk, and Soul, all amplified by the contagious energy of a live band determined to make you dance!

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