Concert / Techno, Electronic, Minimal & Ambient Telavivi Records Label Night

With Rome In Reverse + Brianoize + SpudBencer + Into the Void + special guest: Sun Glitters
© photo 1: Rome In Reverse / photo 2: Sun Glitters / photo 3: Brianoize

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CovidCheck event:

A CovidCheck certificate (paper or digital version) must be presented to attend the event. This rule applies for everyone from 12 years + 2 months and above. Further information about our CovidCheck measures here.

Telavivi Agency is an independent record label and a collective of creatives who’ve become friends. Founded by Antonella Pacifico (Rome in Reverse), her agent/​manager Giacomo Davanzo (Noelty), Fred Baus (SpudBencer), Michele Chiusolo (Blue Collar) and Corrado Calice (INTOTHEVOID), Telavivi has evolved from releasing their own records to the creation of a platform for emerging talents.

The night will let some of their artists shine and shed a light on their shared vision of DIY art in the fields of music, video and visual arts.

The artists

Rome In Reverse is an Italian artist adopted by Scandinavia. She was discovered by Sun Glitters, with whom she published the EP My sun in reverse”.

What cannot be explained in words, a synthesizer can play it. Bruno is Brianoize, a graduate in electronic music from the Conservatory of Naples who released his first album, You are Blue, in 2014. His language is a musical aesthetic that revolves around events, photograms that materialize into sound through old tape recorders, analogue sound generation machines and 16 pads of a sampler.

Fred Baus a.k.a. SpudBencer is an electronic musician and DJ from Luxembourg who became involved in the local scene in the early 2000s and has led several projects (Grand Duchy Grooves, d:qliq & Songs For Ben) to keep on pushing it forward. SpudBencer explores a more minimal, more ambient, repetitive sound to take the listeners on a trip.

Corrado Calice is INTOTHEVOID, a guitarist, fanatic of post-rock music, born in Italy, who left for Scandinavia with a bag full of dreams. A career in music was not one of them but it became one of his greatest aspirations after meeting Rome in Reverse. Calice experiments with music software for a very personal reinterpretation of post-rock, deep and melancholy.

Sun Glitters is the glitchy, summer-obsessed, sun-drenched electronic project of Luxembourg musician Victor Ferreira. Following his 2011 LP Everything Could Be Fine and a seemingly endless string of EPs, self-released tracks and remixes, Sun Glitters quickly left a mark on the electronic music scene. He’s carved out a niche for himself in the post-dubstep and chill-wave micro-genres with light-filled, airy productions combining neo-shoegaze vocals and pitch-bent R’n’B melodies with complex, glitch-filled beats. Everything from the band name to the washed out pastels of the artwork to the engulfing visuals that supplement a Sun Glitters live performance screams nostalgia.