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Cola is a new project from former Ought members Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy, formed with US Girls drummer Evan Cartwright. The 2021 EP Blank Curtain provided an exciting hint of the way the new project picked up some of the threads of the pair’s earlier work and weaved them into engaging new shapes, constructing a driving tangle of guitars around an arresting performance from Darcy.

What started as stripped-down open D songwriting with a CR-78 soon became a full album and new band,” they explain. We wanted to see how far we could stretch our compositions with just drums, one guitar, one bass, and one voice.”

With their debut album Deep in View, released in 2022, Cola put out a record built on a foundation of elegant guitar grooves and knotty rhythms, offering commentary on modern life and technology through curious lyrical vignettes, where quotidian objects and scenes are never just as they seem.

For fans of:

Porridge Radio, TV Priest, Ought

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