Concert / Experimental & Post-punk Model/​Actriz + CDSM

© photos 1 & 2: CDSM by Ben Rouse / photo 3: Model/​Actriz

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US band Model/​Actriz are known for their confrontational live shows, but the band’s performances, as well as their debut album, Dogsbody, itself, are really a series of intimate moments shared between those attending. Their music takes inspiration from the physicality and repetition in electronic music, and the relentlessly propulsive sounds of the cityscape and cycling overground trains. The band was inspired by dance music and how it can be rebuilt, remixed, or broken down into the core elements that keep a song intact and incisive. The resulting tautly-rhythmic, industrial chug of the music creates a bed for vocalist Cole Haden to lyrically explore the city, with all of its dangers and temptations.

Model/​Actriz — Crossing Guard (Music Video)

As the sun sets on an ever-heating planet, strange synthesizers converse in the distance, punctured by disco rhythms and interjected by saxophone growls, akin to a jukebox of divine sadistic temptations, oozing goth rock-esque melodies that forever haunt you… This is what it’s like to be exposed to the groovy sonic onslaught of Atlanta-based collective CSDM. Their first EP, Hell Stairs (2022), is both glamorous and bleak, swanky and derelict, uplifting and crushing. It’s hedonism clinking in your glass, change jingling in the pit of your chest.

CDSM — 666 [Official Video]

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