Concert / Dance & Brass NAFT

Support: Hunneg-Strëpp

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NAFT is gasoline. Explosive drums, pumped-up bass saxophones, a screeching tenor and highly flammable trumpet blend into dance music as hybrid as your mom’s Toyota. Pour some brass on top of that techno and let the horns blow your house’s fuse. NAFT is going to set this party on fire.

For fans of:

MEUTE, Young Blood Brass Band


Hunneg-Strëpp straight-up breaks the old-fashioned image of brass bands only playing traditional compositions. The band loves to surprise its audience with unexpected hit covers: from hip hop to rock, pop music and the greatest hits from the 90s. There are literally no limits for Hunneg-Strëpp and only one objective: to make the audience dance like a conventional brass band cannot.

Hunneg-Strëpp — Toxic (live)