Concert / Electronic Niels Orens + Sapphire Slows + Gurl + Kollektiv Grau

Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: Sapphire Slows © Jenia Filatova / photo 2: Niels Orens © Annika Wallis / photo 3: GURL
Congés Annulés 

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Sapphire Slows is what you might call an everything-ist: she produces, DJs, plays synth and keyboard, and her eerie, drone-like vocals float over her tracks, embellishing their shadowy textures. While some of her songs are submerged in a blue-ish, slo-mo haze – like her name suggests – others are more abrasive and in tune with the whirring pace of krautrock.

NIKELAB RADIO* (x) Session #04 | Sound of Sport –

Driven by technology, young new talent Niels Orens is constantly searching for new ways to generate sound. The harmonious cohesion between his acoustic and electronic sounds results in a colorful palette of emotions and a unique sonic experience, complemented on stage by live cello music and immersive visuals.

Niels Orens — Spikes [Official Video]

Gurl constructs mixes like constellations, bringing together styles and genres to create a unique microcosm every time she takes to the decks. As a passionate crate digger and record collector, the Luxembourg native (now settled in Brussels) has fine-tuned a hypersensitive approach to electronic music that she translates into well thought-out and personal sets.

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