Concert / Psychedelic & Garage rock Odd Couple

+ support: First Mote
Congés Annulés 
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Congés Annulés 

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Jascha Kreft and Tammo Dehn know that. The East Frisian-Berlin dada-rock duo Odd Couple puts a series of typical North German characteristics into their personal mix: a certain stoicism in the face of external expectations, a basic trust in one’s own tempo and a steady level of performance. Moreover, the duo don’t let themselves be swayed by any form of nonsense and never take themselves too seriously. But there’s one thing they don’t compromise on: It’s their live sound, lined with rattling synths and razor-sharp, melodic guitar riffs.

Odd Couple — Dübelmann (Offizielles Musikvideo)

The opening act will be First Mote. After pre-pubescent jam sessions in the garage, digging into the heavy riffs and rhythms of Soul Sacrifice, TNT and Little Wing, Jamie Reinert and Christophe Demart have finally gotten around to getting some stuff on tape. Electric baritone guitar and drums are at the centre of things, since neither of them have the real courage to sing. It’s taken some 20 years but their instrumental communion is as rough as ever.