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Get-together Ailleurs, partout

Expressions of Humanity
© Igor Sinitsin

A young man in a room somewhere in England. On a computer screen, images from all over the world. One click is all it takes to cross borders. But it’s the tale of another journey that we witness unfolding in bits and pieces, that of Shahin, a 20-year-old Iranian man who fled his homeland alone.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the directors.

AILLEURS, PARTOUT — Bande annonce FR

In the words of the directors

In this film, we don’t carry the camera.
Nobody carried it. But there are images from all over the world.
In this film, one click is enough to cross borders.
In this film, there are two journeys: a journey through the internet and the journey of a young Iranian who flees his country alone.
In this film, a young man is transformed.
It is to understand this transformation that we made this film.

Time For Equality

Time For Equality is a not for profit association based in Luxembourg. They aim at contributing to a better and fairer society built on respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, equity and social justice. Their objective is to make a difference through advocacy and awareness raising, sharing knowledge and experiences, solidarity. They believe in the power of the arts and human stories to reach individuals and influence social change. Their motto: Learn, Share, Take Action!

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