Rotondes’ construction WORK

Our cultural institution, as we know and love it, is about to undergo a new round of works under the direction of the Luxembourg State.
© Ruben Dos Santos

This season marks a turning point for Rotondes, and quite a significant one at that.

This time, it’s Rotonde 2’s turn to get a full-blown overhaul, along with significant upgrades planned for Rotonde 1, the central building, and the Courtyard (Parvis). These essential transformations are needed to start a fresh era and pave the way for an even better visitor experience.

The project was designed by architectural firm Teisen-Giesler and is overseen by the Public Buildings Administration, in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg and the INPA. Construction kicks off in early 2025 and is expected to take a minimum of four years.

While there is no way to avoid the renovation works, we can already confirm that our events will continue to take place throughout this period.

Our dedicated team is doing everything possible so you can keep enjoying Rotondes’ multidisciplinary and innovative cultural and artistic programme under the best conditions. So without further ado, please embark on this new journey with us. No matter which type of events you prefer, we’re counting on you being there over the coming seasons, which will packed with plenty of surprises. See you there!