Small bowler hat on his head, like Chaplin, from which escapes a forest of dreadlocks. Oversized white shirt, worthy of a mobster from the 30s. Faada Freddy has his own style, at the same time old-fashioned chic and tough guy from the ghetto. 

His first EP, released in spring 2014, took the audience by surprise and caught the attention of many personalities such as Lenny Kravitz, Zaz, Imany, Bernard Lavilliers, Nagui and Grand Corps Malade. 

His ageless and modern debut album, Gospel Journey, was made without any instrument, other than voices and body percussion, guided by subtle harmonies similar to Bobby McFerrin, and pop melodies with a soul tone like Otis Redding. 

After that debut album that reached gold status in France, the Senegalese star is currently in studio to prepare his next album, to be released in spring 2023.