Concert / Indie & Electronica Fakear

Support: Napoleon Gold

A good craftsman spends his time honing his craft. He refines his technique, year after year. An artist, on the other hand, has to get emotionally involved – and that can sometimes be dizzying. It takes a lot of courage to show your inner thoughts and your flaws. Especially when you’ve experienced the exhilaration of a fast rise to musical fame, with a sold-out concert at the Olympia in Paris without even having released a first album (which later became a gold record), and tours all over the world in front of thousands of people, in the Glastonbury festival in England or even the Electric Forest in Michigan. 

Today Fakear is above all Theo: with his emotions and his battles, one of them being for ecology, and the importance of our planet. Two years ago, he integrated the movement Music Declares Emergency and now plays at the climate change marches.

Fakear — Altar (Official Visualizer)