Visual arts & Exhibition Turn on : Guided tours for foyers and maisons relais

Tales and mechanical animations
Fabula Rasa 
© photos 1 & 3: Gilles Kayser / photo 2: Rotondes
Fabula Rasa 

No one has forgotten the zoetropes, praxinoscopes and phenakistiscopes, those wonderous animation devices of yore that were presented during the Flip Off exhibition. To quench our audience’s thirst for complex words and ingenious mechanisms, we give you the phonotrope!

Record players will be of the essence during Turn On. Just like in the good old days”, you’ll be able to listen to lovely stories with headphones on, nestled in a pile of cushions. And in their diverted version the record players will display phonotropic animations. Turn On has many surprises in store!

Production: Rotondes