Visual arts / Installation Vernissage: Canopée

Cube #13 — Sarah Poulain (FR)
© Sarah Poulain

The cube has been overrun by tree branches. Huts perched at the top can be seen peeking through, all linked together and forming a village hidden in the canopy.

Sarah Poulain

Sometimes more of an artist, sometimes more of a craftswoman, French designer Sarah Poulain needs very few tools: a cutter and some paper. Fascinated from a young age by miniature worlds and models, her works play with volume, colour and perspective to create small, joyful universes.


cube is a cycle of temporary artistic installations, designed outside a formal gallery space for the greatest number of people to enjoy. This space is located between the entrance for the Rotonde 2 and the Buvette.

production: Rotondes