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There is nothing magical about it, you just need to start”

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In this episode we talk to Lisa Junius, a multidisciplinary artist from Luxembourg. She shares with us how she approaches not only her work, but life in general. She encourages us to embrace the things we love, to not judge, or compare ourselves to others. In the end what matters is to try out new things, to just go for it, to create, to start, and to not be attached to the result, to just be proud of ourselves for daring to try. To set realistic goals, to take life day by day, to keep going, and to forgive ourselves. To follow our intuition, to trust our gut, and to let go. 

The guiding principle in this episode is experimentation, the art of trying out new things just because we feel like it. We feature two places in Luxembourg where you can develop a new creative practice: Base 1, a creative space where kids can discover new media and technologies, and Kulturhaus Niederanven, which offers a series of creative workshops like photography and sewing. 

We close the show with a creative prompt around trying out new things.

Our guest: Lisa Junius

Lisa Junius is a multidisciplinary artist from Luxembourg. Her imaginative universe is filled with blue, stars, magic, landscapes, naked women, goddesses, plants and much more. She loves to teach herself new techniques, to find new ways to give life to her beautiful world. That’s why she expresses herself in many forms: murals, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, illustrations, pins, tarot cards, carpets, etc. 

She recently realized a childhood dream: to publish a book. It is entitled Waking the Mountain (Editions Zoom), it is a hopeful story about friendship, solidarity and the protection of nature. (photos: Lisa Junius, except 1: Lynn Theisen & 2: Lisa Junius & Marina Fonseca)

1:44 — 41:24 to listen to the interview. The interview is in French.

Three creative places

Base 1

Base 1 is a creative space in Luxembourg City (Forum Geeseknäpchen) for Luxembourgish residents between the ages of 8 and 30. It is openly accessible and provides – among other things – access to spaces allowing to experiment with 3D printing, electrical wiring, woodwork, sewing, design software, etc.

Two coaches are present at all times to guide and assist children trying new techniques. Once they are familiar with a new technique, they can use Base 1 as a space to give life to their own creative projects, like printing a T‑shirt or building a robot. Base 1 is available without pre-registration and is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM. (photos: Base 1 – Service National de la Jeunesse)

42:25 — 50:17 to listen to interview. The interview is in French.

Kulturhaus Niederhanven

The Kulturhaus Niederanven (KHN) offers, among other things, creative workshops for adults and children. The workshops are chosen based on the current plays and exhibitions taking place at the cultural venue and based on current trends. You will find photography, videography, sewing and music classes. The classes are given by artists who feature their work at the KHN to encourage exchanges between the public and the artists. You can find beginner as well as advanced classes. Given the current situation, the best way to stay informed about the upcoming workshops is to subscribe to the KHN newsletter.

50:21 — 58:51 to listen to interview. The interview is in French.


Skillshare is an online learning tool whose guiding principle is Explore your creativity”. The classes are given by experts and/​or artists. Whatever creative practice you want to develop, whether it’s coding, writing, painting or productivity, you will find a class on Skillshare. Note that only some classes are available for free. (photo: Lewis Keegan)

58:59 – 1:00:23 to listen to this part of the show. This part was recorded in French.

Creative prompt

Creating just because you feel like it

Lisa encourages us to just get started, to bring an idea to life just because we have it. She says that it doesn’t have to be anything complicated or special, the important thing is that it is something we want to do. She is giving us permission to just go for it, be it a new recipe or that thing we have always wanted to do. As she loves to say: what matters is to START.

On the right you can see my own creation. I decided to follow a class on Skillshare about floral drawings with ink. I bought this ink about a year ago and I finally decided to give it a try. To learn something new. To do what I set out to do a year ago. The result is not perfect, but it doesn’t matter. The important part is to keep exploring, learning and discovering.

Here is the link to the class I followed on Skillshare. You can always share yours with me at email hidden; JavaScript is required

1:00:27 – 1:02:24 to listen to the creative prompt. The creative prompt is given in French.

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