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You need to keep the user and the client in mind, instead of getting sidetracked by your own expectations.”

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In this episode we talk to David Renoux, director of Neopixl, a company specialized in app development. For David listening to your users and to your clients is key. You have to keep their needs, their desires, their expectations in mind while creating an app. Creating is thus synonymous with rigor because you constantly need to remind yourself for whom you are creating a product. On top that, in a world where almost anything is possible, being creative means choosing, simplifying, getting to the core to create an app that is useful and user-friendly. Finally, for David, managing a team means trusting your co-workers, giving them a platform to share their opinions and freeing” them, as he likes to put it.

We also present resources and an initiative around digital development and coding: no code-apps, which are programs you can use to create an app, a website, or a game with no prior knowledge of code, and the Code Club Luxembourg, which offers free classes and events to teach kids how to code.

We close the show with a creative prompt around digital development.

Our guest: David Renoux

David Renoux is the managing director of Neopixl, an agency specialised in mobile app development. When David was a kid, he wanted to be an inventor, so he studied computer science. He spent several years trying to develop and work with the most complex technologies, and learning about innovative project management approaches. But one day, he realised that building the most complex technology wasn’t his passion after all. His passion was to be challenged, to solve and manage complex and difficult situations. Today, he manages a team of more than 40 employees, who have created about 80 apps in 2020. Today, being challenged is part of his day-to-day. (photo credit: David Renoux)

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No-code apps

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Glide is a piece of software which turns a Google Sheet into an app. Google Sheets that list different things are the ideal starting points to create an app using Glide. For example, you can create:

  • an app with all your clients and the salesperson responsible for them;
  • an app for your conference calls with the agenda and the ability for participants to give feedback;
  • an app for ordering your products online.

You can start with your Google Sheet or with a template that you adapt to your needs. The list of templates available in Glide is a great source of inspiration as it shows what is possible to create.

All the apps created with Glide are responsive, so they can adapt to any screen size. They are also easy to use as you don’t need to install them to use them. Just send users a link to access the app.

Glide in 90 Seconds


Scratch is a piece of software with which you can create interactive stories, animations and video games. It was created by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to teach kids how to code by following a series of steps so that they can create at their own pace. It is suited for kids between 8 and 16 years but there is also a junior version for 6 to 8 year olds.

Scratch is also a community where users can see what others have created, comment on the creations, ask questions, be inspired and even duplicate and adapt someone else’s creation. It provides the possibility to collaborate on a project, just like this boy and more than 50 other kids did for this tribute to the Orlando shooting victims.

Scratch is available in many languages including French, German, English, Portuguese and Italian.

What is Scratch?


Webflow allows you to create websites without knowing how to code. Webflow has many templates that can be used to build a site quickly. Note that it is recommended to be familiar with design and coding to be able to use the platform optimally. There is a free 21-day course about the platform which is free, simple and very useful.

We have a typo — Webflow


Carrd is a platform which helps you create websites without knowing how to code. No prior knowledge is required. You can only create one-page websites with it, so stick to something simple with this tool. You have templates to create:

  • a profile page with your bio, info and contact details;
  • a page to present your product or business;
  • a page with a sign-up sheet or a questionnaire;
  • a page with your portfolio.

Featured creative space

Code Club Luxembourg

Created in 2013 the Code Club Luxembourg aims to bring coding to all children in Luxembourg to help them familiarise themselves with the digital world. All the activities offered by this non-profit are free. Local coding clubs are open to children between 8 and 12 years old and give them access to weekly coding lessons. During these lessons the children programme games using Scratch. 

There are 6 local coding clubs across the country and one online club. The association is looking for volunteers to create new local coding clubs. There are also coding dojos for children over 12 where they are offered coaching to see personal projects through. Finally, the non-profit organises other activities, such as the Coding Goûter, an afternoon for the whole family to discover coding and which takes place in October. (photo credits: Code Club Luxembourg a.s.b.l.)

1:01:08 — 1:12:34 to listen to the interview. This interview was given in French.

Creative prompt

Create something using a no-code app

Using no-code apps you can create apps, websites and games, with no prior knowledge of coding. In this episode, I invite you to use one of them to create something. No need to have a precise idea. The more you’ll work on it, the more precise the idea will get. You just need to START.

If you are not feeling inspired, create a game for kids and take inspiration from the Luxembourg Code Club’s resources. That’s what I did. Below you will find my own creation. I created a game using Scratch, a platform used to teach kids how to code. You can always share yours with me at email hidden; JavaScript is required

1:12:40 – 1:14:12 to listen to the creative prompt. The creative prompt is given in French.

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