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Since the early 2010s, Chastity Belt have worked tirelessly to make a name for themselves as one of the most memorable acts in the Pacific Northwest rock scene. On records like No Regerts and I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone, the band have honed a spunky, yet playful formula.

Today, Chastity Belt announce their upcoming LP, Live Laugh Love, out March 29, their debut on Suicide Squeeze Records. The album’s first single, Hollow,” highlights a dreamy side of the project’s sound. It pairs shoegaze‑y chords and blunt vocals with a melancholy lead guitar line. The track came to life in the throes of the pandemic, and the lyrics pull from themes of stuckness and waiting. Waiting for some sign / Wasting time / Breath in hollow air / Nothing’s there,” Julia Shapiro sings over a loose groove on the chorus. Hollow” is accompanied by a video that pokes fun at influencer wellness culture, playing into the record’s cheeky title

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Chastity Belt — I‑90 Bridge (Official Video)


Berlin-based songwriter-turned-trio Meagre Martin was founded in the summer of 2021 by the African-American musician and songwriter Sarah Martin (guitar, she/​her) and quickly joined by Federico Freddy” Corazzini (drums, he/​him) and Max Hirtz-Wolf (bass, he/​him). Blending together elements of lo-fi and new-Americana, Meagre Martin is a culmination of experience rooted in healing, through lyricism that gives nostalgia new layers and harnesses the power of grief. Their debut Gut Punch” (release in November 2023 via Mansions and Millions) create a sound inspired by shoegaze, 90’s indie, or faux country,’ as the band calls it, and juxtaposes these beautifully light soundscapes with lyrics that belie the sweetness of the sound with their vulnerability and depth. Their newest release Malcom” (out March 4th) addresses financial instability and the vibrancy of lower/​middle class American life. Inspired by the relatable chaos of Malcolm in the Middle.” The lyrics mirror a journey from generational trauma to breaking free.

Meagre Martin — Malcolm (Lyric Video)