Concert / Noise rock & Post-hardcore Kal Marks + Plattenbau

© photo 1: Kal Marks / photo 2: Plattenbau

Following the dissolution of the trio in 2020, Carl Shane, the band’s vocalist, guitarist, and de facto leader built a new version of Kal Marks, this time as a quartet. Treading onto these unknown waters, the band released My Name Is Hell, their 5th album, in 2022. By plumbing the depths of Shane’s anger, frustration, and sadness, the record admits that we’re all a little scared, angry, and confused, but you can feel the catharsis and commitment to moving forward baked into the music itself.

Kal Marks on Audiotree Live (Full Session #2)

Formed in 2011 in the dark basement of the former Stasi HQ in East Berlin, the songs written by Plattenbau frontman Lewis Lloyd have evolved from wiry and jagged post-punk to taut, ironclad synth fortresses, mechanical and repetitive, brutal and hypnotic. Early themes of fleeting youth and wasted nights have given way to lyrics embodying the excesses and brutalities of our world. Yet somehow these songs remain fun, straddling the ever-fruitful territory between noise and pop.

Plattenbau — Best Western (Official Music Video)

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