Concert / Jazz LINQ Between Worlds” RELEASE PARTY

Support: Daniel Migliosi Trio
© Photo 1: LINQ / Photo 2 © Daniel Migliosi


Have you ever yearned for the freshness of hip hop delivered with a punk rock energy while simultaneously elevated to the highest standard of musical virtuosity and freedom by modern-day jazz? Well, no need to look further than Mateus Wojda’s project, LINQ, which links all of his influences in a true cross-over and boundary-pushing fashion. Albeit a very intimate project by Wojda, LINQ is powered by the expertise and technical grandeur of John Wolter (drums), Pit Dahm (keys), Pierre Cocq-Amann (sax), and Gilles Grethen (guitar).

With the release of the EP Between Worlds”, LINQ promises to captivate audiences with its eclectic blend of hip hop, punk rock energy, and modern jazz virtuosity. This highly anticipated EP showcases their innovative approach to music-making and their ability to push musical boundaries, offering listeners a unique and exhilarating musical experience. Be part of the release of Between Worlds” as LINQ continues to push the limits of contemporary music.

LINQ — 12 past 8 (live @ Rotondes) feat. Luca


Born in Luxembourg, the burgeoning trumpeter Daniel Migliosi has swiftly carved a niche for himself in the realm of jazz, garnering acclaim for his first album, LEFT ON SCENE.’ Renowned for his proficiency with the trumpet, Migliosi, in collaboration with his trio, deftly channels the nostalgic tones of Swing and Hip Hop, an ode to the musical landscape of his formative years.

Daniel Migliosi 5tet — Colmar Jazz Festival 2023