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Support: No Metal In This Battle + Zeduardo (DJ Set)
Congés Annulés 
© Photo 1: Holly Whitaker / Photo 2 © No Metal In This Battle
Congés Annulés 


O. – the London-based duo of baritone saxophonist Joe Henwood and drummer Tash Keary – return with details of their highly anticipated debut album WeirdOs” and a colossal new single titled Green Shirt”.

The album is due out 21st June via Speedy Wunderground. Honing their fearless sound through a residency at Brixton’s iconic venue The Windmill, as well as on support slots across the UK and Europe with fellow heavyweights black midi and Gilla Band, O. have now distilled their unique live energy into their debut album, WeirdOs”.

Featuring production from Dan Carey, WeirdOs is Tash and Joe at their most raucous and free. Across 10 tracks of high-octane instrumentals recorded live to tape, the duo encompass everything from cathartic dancefloor drops, to junglist breakbeats, intricate jazz lines, and sludgy, menacing doom metal.

Coming hot on the heels of last November’s debut EP SLICE” – which won enthusiastic support from DIY, Dork, NME, Louder, and Rough Trade – the new single Green Shirt” sees the band expanding on their ever evolving, epiphanic sound combining thundering blast beats with labyrinthine sax.


Fat Dog, Black Country New Road, Zu

O. — Green Shirt


Formed in 2011, No Metal In This Battle came together after a decade of playing and touring in diverse screamo, math-rock and emocore bands in Luxembourg and abroad. Categorisation being a necessary evil, No Metal is an eclectic mix of post-rock, math-rock, afro beat, post punk and krautrock. Since 2020, the quartet have been focusing on jamming and improvisation, searching for the perfect groove and releasing new, exciting material at a regular pace.

no metal in this battle — Lightrider (OFFICIAL