Concert / Experimental & Electronic Sensu + Slumbergaze

+ Obsoletetechnology (DJ Set)
Congés Annulés 
© Photo 1: Caroline Lessire / Photo 2 © Slumbergaze
Congés Annulés 


Belgian DJ and producer Sensu is based in Luxembourg and has been DJing for over 25 years, cherishing an eclectic and experimental touch to things. As a producer, his work has been published by labels such as Youth, Meandyou, and Meakusma. A Sensu DJ set is a descent into experimental and eclectic moods and modes, combining a variety of genres into an at times extremely minimalist, at times very melismatic amalgam, bordering on industrial, avant-garde, electronica, ambient, and more. When playing live, he walks a similar path, focused on experimental club sounds and beyond.


Luxembourgish producer Slumbergaze (Eric Junker) creates gloomy electronica ranging from moody downtempo to high energy industrial productions. His work often is about embracing contrasts, which, at times, reject each other and create tense athmospheres, while at others, merge together harmonically. He wants to create a seemingly mundane universe which feels familiar but yet slightly off.