Visual arts / Installation vidéo Vernissage: Fragments

Loop #30 — Ana Gaman (RO/LU)
© Ana Gaman

Fragments is an exploration of the flow of life, an introspective journey into those small moments that form our perception of time and memory. It is about the sequence of everyday events, from enjoying a dinner with friends to contemplating birds chirping away. 

With this loop, Ana Gaman celebrates the mundane and highlights the beauty of seemingly common things. With its short loops chained together, repeating themselves and creating a rhythmic composite of experiences, Fragments is a reflection of life’s underlying tempo, always beating. Whilst the animation has its own storyline, the artist invites the viewers to choose and focus on the frames they like best, in order to weave their own story.

Ana Gaman

Ana Gaman is a designer and digital illustrator whose creative process is centred around three key factors: research, intentionality, and depth. She started her career as a graphic designer, but then realised that she also loves to create bright and colourful illustrations, inspired by nature and people. She mainly works with bold shapes and textures. Her illustrations have been used in editorial, branding, animated films and products across Europe.


Rotondes’ loop art cycle hosts uniquely-sized video creations. Hanging right above the bar, a 200 x 700 cm screen area offers new creative possibilities and high-level exposure to guest artists.

production: Rotondes