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zzzahara is a US singer songwriter, born and raised in Highland Park, Los Angeles to Mexican & Filipino parents and previously part of The Simps duo alongside Eyedress.

Zzzahara’s sophomore album, Tender, was released via Lex Records, and it documents a period of transition following a devastating breakup. Instead of crumbling, zzzahara began to look inward by meditating and practicing mindfulness.

Tender sees zzzahara fine honing their musical approach and distilling the driving synth lines, vibrant songwriting and indie influences of 2022’s album Liminal Spaces into an anthemic guitar driven power record that holds no quarter. Tender-bangers all round.


Ariel Pink, Men I Trust, Alex G

ZZZAHARA — idk how to luv (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Cosmokramer is the new electronic pop music project of Yves Stephany and Olivier Treinen, both battle-scarred acolytes of Luxembourg’s alt-pop music scene. They claim balance to be a bitch as their tracks ponder the embrace of a defiantly bittersweet apocalypse. Treinen’s melodramatic voice and lyrics are upfront and confrontational. Stephany’s electronic musical backing pulses with layered irreverence. Theirs is a confused music for confused and confusing times. Wash the blood down the kitchen sink and get on with it. The dancefloor is open and so is the bar.

Spleen Queen